Google algorithm penalties

Find the Reasons that Prevent your Website from Ranking

On Page Optimization On-page optimization is all factors, which you can control on your web page, for it to rank well in the search engines.   What are the on page factors that help a web page to rank? The Meta title tag should contain the main key word or phrase that the page is …

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Building with WordPress

WordPress, the Ideal Platform for a Successful Website

WordPress, the ideal CMS WordPress started out as a blogging system but has evolved into a full CMS, used by brochure sites, catalogue sites, e-commerce sites and large scale websites. Over 74 billion sites or over 18% of all self-hosted sites use WordPress as their web platform of choice. WordPress uses a system where the …

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Google My Business

Ranking for Local Keywords

The Local SEO Advantage Local SEO marketing is very different from general SEO. One of the best resources for local search engine optimisation is a Google my business site. These are a free resource that can provide a huge boost to local businesses in their marketing campaigns. Google does a lot of changes to their …

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Effective link building

Link-building Techniques for Effective Marketing

Link building is an important part of SEO, as back-links are a vote of approval from other sites. All links are not equal. A link from a high authority website like carries much more weight than a link from a random site. A link from a site in the same or similar niche will …

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Staying on right side of Google

Google penalties and how to avoid them

What exactly is a Google penalty? Google has Webmaster guidelines which in effect, are their terms and conditions and if they find the site which are engaging practices against these guidelines, then Google will apply penalties to that web page or site. A Google penalty a result in a drop rankings for a particular keyword, …

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Tools for Mining Lucrative Keywords

Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of SEO, as Google and other search engines assess the quality of web pages primarily, by the words in the content of the pages. Choosing keywords to target is a balancing act between the competitiveness of the keyword and the volume of monthly searches. When you get …

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