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Local SEO

Ranking for Local Keywords

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimisation that enables your site to get better rankings on Google for local intent searches.

If a search query brings up the 3-Pack  map in the results, then that  is said to be a local search query. As there are only 3 results in the 3-Pack, it is very valuable for local businesses to ge into it for their main keywords.

Higher ranking in the 3 Pack

Proximity of the searcher to the business in question is a major ranking factor in local SEO. The closer the physical address of the business is to the location of the person searching for this kind of business, the more lightly that the business will appear in the 3-Pack.


Business Information  filled in on the listing such as the name, address and phone number are oviously important, but there is more such as the operational hours, Google categories, and  services offered.


Citations or mentions in a variety of web directory sites such as Yelp and Hotfrog are a form of backlink which have information about tour site. This information should have  the name , address and phone number (NAP)  asis on your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Another type of citation that proves very benefical is a citation from a local or regional business site such as tipperary.ie or nenagh.ie.


Reviews, although not a ranking factor improve the click through rate (CTR). When a potential customer sees the 3 Pack listings with one business having no reviews, another one having, maybe 2 stars (out of 5) and then your site with 10+ reviews with an average rating close to 5 stars, which listing do you think he will he click on? Yours, of course. That is why you really should get good reviews.



Let me help you with your GMB

I can set up your Google My Business listing.

I can help you outrank your competitors on the Google 3-Pack. 

I can get the citations for you to enable your site to appear in the 3-Pack.

I can do a campaign of backlinking for you for better visibility.

I can make it easy for your happy customers to leave a positive review.


I offer web design and development skills to create great websites which will enhance your business. I also manage the hosting and domain name of the business if you do nt want to manage that yourself. The most important aspect of having a website is getting it seen by potential customers and for this I use search engine optimisation and local SEO skills to make sure that your website will look great, rank well and convert visitors into customers.

Contact me if you have any questions and I will get back to you right away.

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